Date: Sat Aug 12, 2017

Second Saturday is once-a-month celebration of local food and community. We'll be hosting showcases, community events, workshops, volunteering, idea generating sessions, local food specials, and much more. Giving you - the Raleigh community - plenty of opportunities to engage and support your local food system. Second Saturday exists to build awareness and support for Raleigh’s local food system. We work alongside the Raleigh Food Corridor, a community project connecting people, ideas and resources, to build a better food system for all. Second Saturday helps build that vision each month by bringing new people in, building new projects, and celebrating what’s been accomplished. Join us for Pizza in the Garden to kick-off the month of giving with Raleigh Food Corridor! Our goal is to empower members of the community to become advocates for a more just and equitable food system.

Cost: Free