Date: Sat Aug 5, 2017 - Sun Aug 6, 2017

Triangle Electro Jam hosts the Parallel Universe Showcase at Imurj! Join us for four performances by local musicians, plus Q&A sessions with each band. Doors open at 7:30pm, entry is $7. Performances By: Mhymes Mhymes originated as a side project of Once and Future Kings members Jesse Henderson and Rush Enterline. Their experimental noodling sought an escape from traditional rock structures in favor of an aesthetic more akin to stream of consciousness or abstract expressionism. Mhymes produces songs with structures emerging from a cosmic background of noise and loops, occupying the boundary of order and entropy. Marselle Marselle is a solo music act who hails from Florida, but now calls Durham home. Taking cues from post-minimalism, free jazz, and experimental rock & hip-hop, their music strives to be a liberated and visceral experience. Check them out at Tescon Pol Tescon Pol is a Durham-based duo crafting texturally dense soundscapes comprised of interwoven digital & analog tones, fragmented rhythms, and voice. Spatially evocative, the results are equally likely to lean in the directions of abstraction and cohesive, songlike choreography. Powercloud Powercloud features Mark Koyanagi and Scott Berrier - a telepathic duo that create evolving soundscapes from DIY noise generators and found objects.

Cost: $7