Date: Fri Aug 18, 2017

Spend your Friday with Heads Up Penny, a five-piece band from Raleigh, NC with a dual mission; "to rock out a good party with some of the best hit songs you know and love....and to re-position thoughtful songwriting and soulful grooves back into the music of today!" With influences in blues, rock, country, funk, Americana, and soul, their sound is as wide-spanning as it is refined. "We are a group of five best friends - a blessed and joyous group of people. Together for about a year and a half, we've played every single moment and genre we can. Soul music inspires us. We write and perform music from our blood - from the very thing that makes us human. Our goal is honesty. Our goal is connection. " Opening For HUP is Nico Zarcone, Buffalo native and Raleigh resident. Nico grew up with a love for music and is eager to share that love and "spread a positive vibe to everyone he can."

Cost: $5