Date: Tue Aug 15, 2017

Feeling that after-work slump? Channel your primal creativity and use those hands for something fun for once. Just Make Something! is a relaxing community get together that takes place during Just Play Something - Imurj's official Open Jam. Gather around the round table of art supplies, crafts, and art scraps to make zero-stakes art with your creative peers. Build community relationships and share your stories over a drink or two while listening to local performers. Bring supplies to donate to Imurj's community pool of art and craft supplies. The more we pool together, the more we can create! Free*, no worries, no pressure. Just Make Something! Come hone your chops and have a blast at the official Imurj Open Jam. All Imurj members and general public are invited for a night of jamming on our stellar backline of instruments. The set is fully amplified and mixed. Grab a beer and experience the creative process. Free* event. All ages. *First time at Imurj? On your first Imurj visit we are required by A.L.E. law to collect $1 for a one-year Entry Membership

Cost: Free