Date: Thu Oct 12, 2017


Please join us as we bring together downtown neighbors and businesses for a "meet and greet" style event to ignite conversation and community. This event will feature an update on the downtown Raleigh Warehouse District's transformation. You are invited to provide neighbor introductions, learn about the district's neighborhood transformation to date and how we may work together to further define this area of downtown.  

Attendees will enjoy a fun evening of light appetizers and beverage samplings prepared by neighborhood businesses while hearing from numerous neighbors' perspectives and sharing your input on what matters to the community. 

Join the Downtown Raleigh Alliance and Brasco /// in this conversation as we discuss the future of the area and the collective creative strength of the Warehouse District. We look forward to gathering soon. 

Want a question asked at the town hall? Click here. 

Speakers to include: 

Bill King, Downtown Raleigh Alliance

Ashton Smith, Citrix

Gab Smith, CAM Raleigh

Josie Reeves, Kane Realty

Brandon Ives, Brasco ///

Liz Tracy, HQ Raleigh

Heather Burns, Imurj 


Presenting Partners: Brasco /// & Downtown Raleigh Alliance

Event Partners: ImurjParkside Restaraunt