1104 W Cabarrus St
(Downtown Raleigh)

We are inspired by friends creating fair trade artisan groups internationally and have developed a similar workplace model here at home. Together with volunteers and financial supporters like you, we are creating living wage artisan jobs here in North Carolina. We are devoted to creating a work environment that values self-care, family support, and Christian faith. Our mission is that our artisans find confidence in themselves and in their faith while working with Designed For Joy. Our goal is for participants to leave DFJ with marketable skills and a solid job reference for success in the job market.

Our artists are those living at high risk for sex and labor trafficking and/or food and housing insecurities. We partner with long-running ministries serving women (and sometimes men) that may be coming out of emergency situations, generational poverty, homelessness, rehab, or jail. We also partner with a seniors and elderly widows group.

Because our board has a rich history of international mission work and has partnerships with creative co-ops abroad, you will find a few product lines available through DFJ from outside the US. We are especially excited about the DFJ product lines you will see that are goods developed outside the US then created into new products by our artists.

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